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Michael (Mick) Scoglietti, Editor of Dynamictrends will be bringing you Financial News and Tips, with emphasis on the daily destruction of the economy and the U.S. Dollar which is being brought about by the VERY large scale printing of money by the U.S. Treasury, via the Federal Reserve. I'll also be writing about how these events affect the status of silver, silver coinage, and gold.

Current State of Inflation and Deflation in the commodity markets

In the past I've written about the possibility of hyperinflation, and have also written about deflation. For the time being though, we're going to at least see inflation. Since I follow the commodity market, I've noticed that the most recent trends are up. As a matter of fact many commodities are at near record levels and in some cases 25 year highs. Here's what I've found concerning Inflation via the commodity markets:
  • Soybeans are near a 15 month high
  • the Dow Jones and S&P 500 have reached record highs
  • Cattle prices reached their all-time highs
  • Hog prices reached their all-time highs
  • Milk has reached its all-time high
  • Coffee is at a two-year high
  • Cocoa is at a 2 year high
Here's what I've found concerning Deflation via the commodity markets:
  • Lumber is at a six-month low, and that indicates less construction
  • Gold and Silver are both below their 2011 highs
  • The US dollar is closing in on a two-year low, despite the U.S. Treasury's promise to support the dollar.
What we see here is what's known as "stagflation", and it appears to me that we're in for a rough ride with the stock market all-time high, and the dollar nearing its lows. What's considered a flight to safety in the bond market is not an option at this time either, because they are getting expensive as well.

The best thing that can happen, is that the government reverses its spending patterns and/or raise interest rates. Either way a lot of people are going to get hurt over the next few months.

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